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Tiger –National animal, spirit of the country and its terrain. Nature’s most solitary and efficient predator, an integral part of Indian mythology and culture since early times.

Tiger Resort Pvt Ltd was established in 1987 to provide sophisticated, environmentally friendly experience of untamed beauty of Kanha and Bandhavgarh National Parks - through the Jungle lodges.
Amit Sankhala
The Jungle lodges were the signature creation of visionary Late Mr. Pradeep Sankhala, in his endeavor to promote eco viable and earthy tourism. For 15 years, Mr. Pradeep Sankhala personally handled and looked into the management of the lodge. Today in continuation with his family’s legacy of Tiger conservation and responsible tourism, Mr. Amit Sankhala son of Late Mr. Pradeep Sankhala has taken over the ropes of the lodges.

The lodge is built with minimum interference to the natural environment of the jungle and is managed on eco friendly principles. Mr. Pushpender Singh– G.M. - Bandhavgarh Lodge and Tarun and Dimple Bhati G.M.- Kanha Lodge, keen wild life enthusiasts, have been with the company since its inception and are responsible for the daily management and smooth functioning.

We believe that the most important aspect of a wildlife experience is the interpretation of nature and its habitant by an accompanied expert or who we call naturalist.

The whole experience of your wilderness gets enriched with the naturalist’s in-depth knowledge of the local flora & fauna. Our wildlife experts are excellent in narrating and deeply believe that the knowledge is a treasure which increases with sharing. A trip with us to the jungle, not only leaves you with the sense of thrill and excitement but also deepens your wisdom lasting beyond your vacation. Our trips are meant to heighten the individual’s pleasure, awareness and intellect.

Along with the resident naturalists, our lodges also employ intern students from the globe through our training programme. Naturalist interns are hired for their interest, love and appreciation for nature and wildlife. The interns get an opportunity to stay and work alongside our resident naturalists in one of the highest density tiger reserves of the world. For more details about training programme kindly get in touch with us.

Today, Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge and Kanha Jungle Lodge are managed by Pradeep's son - Amit Sankhala (grandson of Kailash Sankhala) who with his boundless enthusiasm and charm owns, operates and manages both the Jungle Lodges. With his vast knowledge and interest in the field of eco tourism, he continues the legacy of conservation and wildlife tourism. Amit is the Managing Director of Tiger Resorts Pvt.Ltd and Indian Nature Expeditions.

Ownership & Affiliation

Late Mr. Kailash Sankhala:
Kailash SankhalaKnown as Tiger man of India, ‘Padam Shree’ awarded Late Mr. Kailash Sankhala was a distinguished officer with the Indian Forest Service and was the founder director of the Project Tiger (1973). He was Director of the Delhi Zoological Park and was awarded with the Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship for research on the ecology and behavior of Indian Tigers.

Government of India and Government of Rajasthan have dedicated a National Fellowship of wildlife conversation in his name. There are several annual conservation programs and centers also dedicated to him.

Late Mr. Pradeep Sankhala:
Mr. Pradeep Sankhala son of Late Mr. Kailash Sankhala was the pioneer in eco tourism and a well renowned wildlife tour operator, who successfully developed Kanha and Bandhavgarh lodges. An active member of Professional associations, he often lectured on Wildlife conservation and tourism at Universities, colleges, schools, associations and clubs around the world. Pradeep was a well respected conservationist and was the chairman of Tiger Trust in India.

Mr. Amit Sankhala
Mr. Amit Sankhala, with his vast knowledge and enthusiasm for eco tourism, has stepped in the shoes of his fore fathers and has taken forward the mission of Tiger and Nature conversation. Amit is also an active trustee of Tiger Trust, spreading awareness and mustering support for the survival of the Tiger. His commitment to the TOFT campaign of training field guides has had remarkable impact in improving the standards of field guides and enriching the experience for clients.

Tiger Trust

Tiger Trust was established in 1989, with the sole purpose of working towards the conservation of tigers, today the trust is spearheaded by Ms Anjana Gossian - practicing advocate in Supreme Court and High Court.

Tiger Trust is involved in building and imparting legal/technical training to the frontline staff in all the important tiger reserves in India, in association with the forest departments, IGNFA, Wildlife Institute of India and many others. Tiger Trust has vertical faculty of criminal lawyers, retired police & forest officers, session judges, forensic experts etc on board devoted to the cause for punishing the hunters.
As our commitment to Nature conservation and subscribing to the principals of Eco-tourism, all the companies of the Sankhala group fully support and contribute towards the activities of Tiger Trust along with the receipts and contributions of our esteemed travelers.

We participate fully in Nature conservation activities and house the two field stations called Kailash Sankhala Conservation Centers at our Bandhavgarh and Kanha Jungle Lodge.

This is our effort to save Our National Animal and its Natural Habitat.


The Health of the tiger is the hope of our environment and the complete nation should unite to ensure that the spirit of the Indian jungle is preserved.

The tiger, at the apex of the biological pyramid of the eco system, helps maintain a balance in nature.

It is also pertinent to remember that mankind has no right to create a slot
- far less of as important a species as the tiger , in the natural system.
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Tiger Resort Pvt Ltd
is also a member of the international organisation TOFT - "The Travel Operators for Tigers" who are committed to advocate and encourage more sustainable wildlife tourism in tiger reserves and national parks, and to adhere to eco tourism best practice guidelines.

We are also members of Responsibletravel.com whose aim is to change tourism by promoting and campaigning for more real travel experiences that also benefit conservation and local people.
Our Jungle Lodges are recognized by Government of India, Department of Tourism and is Member of Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI).

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