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Facilities at Kanha Jungle lodge
facilities in Kanha jungle lodge

Dining and Public Areas -

A large round thatched dining cum drawing room serves as a dining area which serves Continental and Indian cuisine – home cooked food ! There is also a friendly open area to dine under the stars or to have a sumptous breakfast, under the rustling sal forest leaves and the twittering of birds. One can browse through some books in the library or just study the information panels on the boards or pick up an interesting book or Tiger T shirt from the gift shop !

The Courtyard -

Is an open area in center of the Jungle Lodge surrounded by the Sal forest with chirping birds and fluttering butterflies. Participate in a discussion on tiger sightings and conservation issues with a blazing campfire . It also provides an ideal set up for star gazing in the evening. .There is also a hammock if one just wants to relax or read a book. And a great place to catch up for "chai" and daily campfire evenings !

The Maidan -

our grounds Most of the land is left wild with lush overgrown grass to attract and make our Jungle inhabitants comfortable. Our 11 acre estate , is however, interspersed with Sal trees and bamboo that do attract our Jungle neighbours like our well known flying squirrel ! and a variety of chirping birds. You will occasionally get to see the flying squirrel, colourful butterflies and insects, a Langur monkey and even a few strolling spotted deer !

Recreational Activities -

facilities in Kanha jungle lodge
We organise Nature walks in and around our Jungle Lodge, thru the forest , where you get to experience and see a variety of birdlife and insects as well as the occasional ant hill... If you are lucky , down by the river, you may even get to see the elephants bathing in the afternoon and can participate in helping them take a bath.

Bird Watching:-Large Number of Butterflies can be found in Kanha Jungle LodgeWe organize Bird watching excursions around the Jungle Lodge, during the day, for those energetic clients who are interested in learning more about our birdlife..

facilities in Kanha jungle lodgeButterflies:- Kanha is specially rich with its butterflies and a large number of them are found at Kanha Jungle Lodge. See the collection of Butterflies at the Lodge.

Astronomy:- As the sun sets and a galaxy of stars covers the canopy, we take a short after dinner walk to begin our Star Gazing session. After a short introduction of Stars and constellations, you have an opportunity to see through our telescope the planets, so close , never seen before by most guests. You will all enjoy this exhilarating experience ! .Cookery Classes and Sari demonstrationsare some of the other surprises in store for you at our lodge.

facilities in Kanha jungle lodge

Resident Naturalist -

Our resident Naturalist oversees most of our environment sensitive programs and conducts the jungle safaris to Kanha National Park , Birding excursion around our wild lands, village excursions, Astronomical session and discusses with you the days wrap up of the activities, observations and answer your questions. He is actively involved with the conservation activities sponsored by the Jungle Lodge through Tiger Trust

facilities in Kanha jungle lodge

Village Safari -

for those who are interested in exploring India's rural area, we organize a Village safari to visit some villages and schools to understand their way of life, which is very unique and different to our city life. Their simple attractive red tiled roof - neat and clean homes, colourful attire in saris, traditional ways of cooking on firewood as well as cultivation by traditional methods, are an eye opener. You can also visit the weekly local village market which offers a variety of goods from fresh produce to colourful saris and household utensils, spices – all you need for your home and family !

facilities in Kanha jungle lodge

Elephant excursions-

We organize excursions by elephants , subject to availability by the Park Authorities , to enable to get close to the animals, especially the Tigers, incase we have missed seeing them from our jeeps ( as it enable us to trek in the forest on Jungle roads). It is also a great experience of riding an elephant through the Indian Jungle, thru thick bamboo forest, streams, and meadows. It is one of the best transport systems that exist today in areas inaccessible by man. They are unique and easily accepted by the animals world as part of them and thus allow the elephants a close proximity. Apart from the morning "tiger show" on the elephant ride , there is also the possibility of visiting elephant camps in the afternoon.

Solar Energy -

To increase our dependence on the direct energy sources we have tried to use the power of sun god to provide us the energy and help save the worlds natural environment.

Solar cooking -

Some part of the cooking for our Guests is done in two different types of Solar cookers. This helps minimize energy use and also food cooked is health and tasty. Our guests can ask for cooking lessons for solar cooking.

Worm Compositing -

To make efficient and hygienic disposal of organic waste, we are using a process of decomposition by worms which is efficient, odorless and provides us with rich organic fertilizers for our organic farming on site.

facilities in Kanha jungle lodge

Organic Farming

Much of our fresh vegetables come from the organic farming at the Lodge. One can see a Varity of vegetables and fruits being cultivated . Guest are welcome to take a tour.

Medicinal Plant Garden

-We have also on site a nursery of indigenous Medicinal/ Herbal Plant which is an astonishing insight on what secrets seemingly unimportant plants hold for our good health. There is a large variety of Plants and a tour with our naturalist makes it an interesting experience.

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